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Our Board 

ABC Youth Alumni

ABC Youth Foundation has a 64 year history of positively changing the lives of young students and we are pleased to see the success and contributions our students have made throughout San Diego.

Martin Nunez

ABC Youth now San Diego Deputy District Attorney;
Rising Aztec Award,
San Diego State University

"High School was at times of trouble and challenge fo me. It seemed like it would bounce from one issue to another. Billy Moore and ABC got things settled down for me and I embraced the values of the ABC Concept. The discipline I gained got me through college and law school. I am proud to be a deputy district attorney for San Diego and I enjoy going back and speaking to ABC Youth Students."





"I am so fortunate to have a program like ABC Youth Foundation. With their structure and support I was accepted into UC Berkeley and am now flourishing both as a student and a boxer. I look forward to seeing both the academic and athletic accomplishments of the next generation that go through the program."

Lizzette Corrales

ABC Youth Foundation Alumni;
now 3rd Year Engineering Honors Student, University of California, Berkeley



"I am proud to say I am an ABC Youth Alum. I came to ABC Youth Foundation when I was in High School. I met Billy Moore and I embraced the values of the ABC Concept. Those values have stayed with me through my life and got into Medical School. I look forward to giving back to the ABC Community. 

Abraham Lopez

ABCYouth Foundation Alumni;
University of Washington 1st Year Medical Student



"I first came to ABC Youth when I was eight years old and I met Instructor Moore when he was teaching us the values of the ABC Concept. Instructor Moore and the ABC Concept raised my sights for my life and got me to graduate with Honors from Moorehouse College. Today I am proud to serve as Director of Educational Programs at ABC Youth."

Lemar Slater

ABC Youth Foundation Alumni;
Honors Graduate Morehouse College: ABC Youth Director of Educational Programs

Boxing Training


Your donation to ABC will help bring hope and stability to our community. Our foundation has everything in place to change the lives of the youth in south San Diego. We have a board of directors composed of prominent citizens including doctors, lawyers, educators and business leaders. We have a board of education formally recognized partnership with neighboring Golden Hill School. Credentialed teachers and coaches are present in the gym/learning center at least four hours each day after school. Both Golden Hill and King-Chavez school students have shown tremendous interest in participating in our program. It is our goal to provide the highest quality program to the largest number of youth and for this we need financial support. Please consider contributing to the vision of ABC. There is an ongoing need for up-to-date boxing gear, athletic equipment, and uniforms.  We intend to continue building our library/learning center by filling our bookcases with books, and providing a quiet, comfortable space where our students can study.

You will feel proud to know that by donating to ABC Youth Foundation, not only are you keeping kids safe from gang violence, but you are offering them a positive alternative.

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