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Group of Friends
Group of Friends
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The program offers a positive alternative to the prevalent drug and gang violence in the communities we serve. Boxers maintain focus and determination as they work with their peers and ABC’s coaches. Our head coach, Art Wilson, has been working with Billy Moore for over two decades. Together they have produced boxing champions and, more importantly, well-rounded individuals. Coach Art and other volunteer coaches are here to guide our youth to reach both their athletic and life goals. Whether individuals want to become competitive boxers or are looking for an alternative activity, the ABC Youth Foundation is guaranteed to have something for everybody.

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Learning Lab

Chess Club 

Food Pick Up


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abc youthfoundation chess
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Learning Center

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Mentoring & Coaching

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Summer Camp

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Food Distribution

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Mongoose Boxing 

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BTG Program

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Lending Library

Students and families are provided chess lessons at our weekly chess club free of charge. 

Our Bridge the Gap programs provide underserved youth with academic classes emphasizing reading, math and computer skills. They are also provided lessons in art, sciences, sports and participate in community activities. 

The Learning Center provides students with a classroom environment to study and share academic support and college and test preparation. Tutors are on site two days a week. 

Food boxes are provided at least once a month for our families. 

Youth have access to positive role models as well as a licensed therapist on site. Staff provide guidance, support and encouragement to students and families. 

 The Mongoose Boxing program is the athletic component for our youth offering a positive alternative to the prevalent drug and gang violence in the communities we serve. 

Our lending library operates on an honor system allow youth to check out books anytime. 

committed to providing resources for families to ensure a solid foundation for a healthy f

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This program saved my life thank you for everything you've done@

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